2020 Year in Review

2020 was obviously not the year I was expecting but it will definitely not be a year I’ll ever forget. I had a lot less work this year, a lot less of the arts, a lot less traveling (I had such big plans!), and a lot less socializing. There was a lot more panic and a lot more boredom but also a lot more creativity.

2020 Year in Review

2020 denver headshot photographer

The year started with lots of events and performances. By mid-March, they had all come to a screeching halt. Then everything else shut down too and suddenly my schedule was empty. In April, I tried doing a virtual dance session using FaceTime. It was really fun and the photos turned out great, but they weren’t nearly the quality I needed to be able to offer that option to clients. I also started doing some fun front porch sessions with dancers, families, and headshot clients. In late May, I offered front porch dance sessions to the students of the dance schools I work with. I drove all over the city and photographed dozens of amazing dancers. Together, we raised funds for the Colorado Artists Relief Fund.

Once I was able to start taking regular sessions again, with new safety precautions in place, I started taking on new headshot sessions and working with the clients I had to reschedule. Without events on my calendar, I started photographing families for some friends of mine. By the second half of 2020, I was able to work with my dance schools again, doing company portraits. I even photographed a few small events, including a downtown Denver wedding. And yes, I even took some toilet paper glamor shots for a fundraiser! I’m excited to end the year with one more wintery headshots session. That is unless we get snowed out!

I was so close to meeting my headshot session goal this year. Even though I was one session short, I think that’s still a pretty big accomplishment considering how much the pandemic impacted everything. And, I booked more sessions at my highest package than I ever have before! In terms of personal goals, I failed a lot more than I succeeded but, of course, I wasn’t predicting the year we’ve had.


2020 New Year’s Resolutions

denver dance photographer

One of my favorite goals that I succeeded at was proposing to Morgan! Yes, I did make that a new year’s resolution. You gotta put some easy ones on there to check the boxes. Lol! I also switched my cleaning products to be zero waste and just in time! As everyone was filling their shopping carts with paper towel and Lysol, I was making cleaning spray and finishing up my DIY kitchen rags, made out of secondhand thermals. I also made all our hand sanitizers and masks. This year, I wanted to get used to biking in the city so I could bike to my sessions. I got my bike fixed up and put a basket on the back to hold my camera bag. In October, I finally had my first session within biking distance and I biked there and back, gear and all!

For years I had wanted to work with Denver Elections but the fall was always the busy season with performing arts. This year was the perfect opportunity and I finally did it! I worked as an election judge at my local polling center for the weeks leading up to (and of course during) the election. Then, I helped count the votes after the election ended. I really loved this experience. It was a great way to get out and make some new friends (which is hard as a freelancer in normal times, but pretty much impossible now). I loved being able to help people vote and everyone was so determined and excited to cast their vote this year. It was definitely a crazy election but I was glad to be a part of it.