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Hello! I’m Jamie (she/her/hers) and I specialize in branding headshots, performing arts, and event photography. The most important part of everything I do is spend time with each of my clients to listen, learn, and collaborate. By connecting with you and your needs, I can best deliver the quality photos you’re looking for.
Some random, fun facts about me
  • I love color, but you’ve probably figured that out just by looking at this page! One thing I don’t love about photography is that I usually have to wear neutral colors so that I can blend in and not mess up the color balance when I take headshots. Yeah, I learned that one the hard way.
  • My fiancée and I met in college and moved to Colorado in 2014. Our anniversary is on Halloween!
  • I’m always working to make my business (and life) as environmentally sustainable as possible.
  • I’m from Chicago and I’m a total city kid. I now live in downtown Denver and I love it.
  • I did my photography internships in college at summer arts festivals like Jacob’s Pillow and The Glimmerglass Festival.
  • June is my favorite month. It’s my birthday month, it’s Pride month, and it’s the start of summer which means lots of awesome, outdoor events.
  • I love mac and cheese, public art, and the Olympics. I collect pins, stickers, and old cameras.

Whether I’m capturing a headshot client or a dance concert, I approach every session as a chance to make and document art.

Contact Me so we can start getting to know each other. I look forward to working with you!

Photo credit: Christopher Duggan