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Jamie Kraus, age 7,
The Lemonade Stand.


My brother is raking it in selling juice and cookies while I stand patiently by my display of personal art drawings for sale. (Lesson learned: It’s easier to sell food than art!) But I didn’t give up. I grew up creating and valuing art all around me, although truth be told, drawing was never my forte. As a photographer, I work hard to capture the artistic world before me.

Fast forward to Rochester Institute of Technology where I studied Scientific Photography and found new and exciting ways to use my camera. I began migrating toward performing arts during exhilarating summer internships at The Glimmerglass Festival and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. I fell in love with the stunning beauty of opera and dance while photographing performances, backstage stories, and special events.


With the eye of a photojournalist, I could be the interested observer, but when it came to private sessions and posed photography, at first with performers and staff, I was nervous. How could I learn to come out from behind the camera? But it didn’t take long to become comfortable in this new role. Soon I relished the opportunity to meet and collaborate with new people. It turned out that I loved personal branding and headshot photography! The great thing about working one on one is connecting with people who I wouldn’t typically meet, capturing their personalities, and bringing them into full view.

The most important part of everything I do is spend time with each of my clients to listen, learn, and collaborate. By connecting with you and your needs, I can best deliver the quality photos you’re looking for.

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