Denver Festival Photography | VIP Reception

I love Denver festival photography! Within one day, one weekend, or one summer, I can photography performances by multiple companies, shoot behind the scenes, VIP receptions, rehearsals, and so much more. There is so much variety and the atmosphere is always so much fun. I got my start as an arts festival photographer through my internships at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival and The Glimmerglass Festival.  They opened my eyes to the excitement of festival photography and provided fantastic training for my career here in Denver. Last year, I photographed the VIP reception for the inaugural Presenting Denver Dance Festival. In addition to being a festival photographer, I’m also a dance events committee member. It was so exciting to be a part of something new and important for the Denver area. I’m thrilled to be part of it and can’t wait to see how this festival grows in the coming years.

Denver Festival Photography | VIP Reception

When I photograph events, there is always a lot to cover. I make sure to get wide shots to showcase the overall space as well as photographing the details, like the food, drinks, and decor. It’s important to capture the entire event ambiance and each of the vendors needs specific imagery as well. I make a point of getting lots of candids of people chatting, drinking, and mingling (all while trying to avoid those awkward eating photos). And I go around the space a few times to get photos of people smiling for the camera.

At some donor events, I have a point person from the company who directs me to the VIP’s so I can make sure I don’t miss anyone. With Presenting Denver I knew most of the people there, which made the event extra fun for me. No point person required! Presenting Denver’s branding dictates that all their imagery is in black and white, so that’s how I edit of the photos I take for them.

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