Mac and cheese is one of my greatest loves so I decided to start a blog series reviewing Denver mac and cheese dishes from restaurants around town. I’m on a mission to spread the word about the best and worst mac and cheeses in the area. My quest is to find the best in town. Join me as I eat my way through Denver, one mac and cheese review at a time. Today, I’m reviewing Forest Room 5’s mac and cheese entree. Enjoy!


Flavor – 3/5
Consistency – 3/5
Presentation – 4/5
Price – 5/5
Topping – 3/5
Mix in options – 2/5
Total: 20/30
Conclusion: Great!


Forest Room 5 is a quirky little bar in LoHi with a whimsical forest theme. If you’re into sitting on stumps or drinking around a campfire, this is the place for you. Since I don’t drink, my favorite bars or breweries are the ones with good food and this place got bonus points for having a mac and cheese. They’re version of the classic dish has a great, creamy cheddar based sauce. While the cheddar provided a nice flavor and texture, it left me wanting more in terms of cheese variety and overall flavor. While the sauce was creamy, all the moisture seemed to sink to the bottom, leaving the top dry.

This mac and cheese was pretty pretty. Cavatappi pasta is always a solid choice and the skillet it was served in added a nice visual touch. The dish was topped with plenty of fresh herbs, which were delicious, but the topping lacked the crunch I look for in a good mac and cheese.

The menu listed two mix in options, bacon or green chile. While I appreciate that there were meat and veggie options, there were still only two mix ins available. I went with the original, and it was very filling. I showed up hungry and left satisfied. At only $8, it was a great priced meal and cheaper than the drinks! Plus, the mix ins were only $1 each. Forest Room 5 made a great mac and cheese for those hungry or sober bar hoppers!

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Where’s the best mac and cheese you’ve had in Denver? Comment below so I know where to try next! Click here for all my Denver mac and cheese reviews. And check out my About Me page to see what else I’m obsessed with!

Obligatory cheesy photo of me eating mac and cheese!