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Mac and cheese is one of my greatest loves so I decided to start a blog series with Denver mac and cheese reviews. Here, I review dishes from restaurants around town. I’m on a mission to spread the word about the best and worst mac and cheeses in the area. My quest is to find the best in town. Join me as I eat my way through Denver, one mac and cheese review at a time. Today, I’m reviewing Julep’s mac and cheese appetizer. Enjoy!

Denver Mac and Cheese Rating

Flavor – 4/5
Consistency – 3/5
Presentation – 5/5
Price – 5/5
Topping – 3/5
Mix in options – 3/5
Total: 23/30
Conclusion: Great!

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My parents took me here for my birthday weekend, last year! I thought the presentation of this mac and cheese was really cute. It came in a little cauldron sitting on a doily. Isn’t it adorable! For $8.50, this dish was very filling. Luckily, I did have enough room for the delicious biscuits though.

Denver Mac and Cheese Review

This mac and cheese had crispy breadcrumbs as the topping but they were just mounded in the middle and there wasn’t a lot of them. While this dish did have add on options it did have one mix in that made it pretty special. It came with house made spam. I was very skeptical but I only found a few pieces of it at the bottom and it added a ton of flavor. I was pleasantly surprised. As far as consistency goes, I took points off because the pasta was al dante and the sauce was a bit oily. The flavor was very savory from the Spam. It was just slightly on the salty side of things for my taste as well. 

denver macaroni and cheese

Obligatory cheesy photo of me eating mac and cheese! 

denver mac and cheese lover

Where’s the best mac and cheese you’ve had in Denver? Comment below so I know where to try next! Click here for all my Denver mac and cheese reviews. And check out my About Me page to see what else I’m obsessed with!


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