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Mac and cheese is one of my greatest loves so I decided to start a blog series reviewing Denver mac and cheese dishes from restaurants around town. I’m on a mission to spread the word about the best and worst mac and cheeses in the area. My quest is to find the best in town using my Denver mac and cheese rating system. Join me as I eat my way through Denver, one mac and cheese review at a time. Today, I’m reviewing Guard and Grace‘s mac and cheese side dish. Enjoy!

Denver Mac and Cheese Rating

Flavor – 2/5
Consistency – 3/5
Presentation – 3/5
Price – 3/5
Topping – 3/5
Mix in options – 1/5
Total: 15/30
Conclusion: Okay

Guard and Grace

denver mac and cheese

Guard and Grace

In February, I proposed to my girlfriend of 8 years and took her out to dinner to celebrate. I wanted to take her to a steakhouse because she loves steak and seafood, so I booked reservations at Guard and Grace. I got the mac and cheese side dish, of course. She got oysters and steak, which she loved. The staff was so excited about our engagement too! Unfortunately, the truffle mac and cheese at Guard and Grace was only okay. This dish had hardly any flavor, even though truffle usually overwhelms a dish with flavor. The sauce was very smooth but there was not nearly enough of it to go around. 

Mac and Cheese Side Dish

The price was high for a side dish, but it was a huge serving so I thought that balanced out. It just wasn’t quite worth the cost to me because it didn’t taste that great. The dish was overflowing and certainly filling but it wasn’t super appealing, visually. It may have just been the lighting in the restaurant, but I think this dish could have benefited from some more color in the topping. The dish was topped with a few breadcrumbs, some parmesan, and a couple of herbs. I would have liked to see more toppings and some browning on the breadcrumbs. This was another dish with no mix-ins but I did give it one point because it had the truffle to mix things up. That brought the total mac and cheese rating to 15 out of 30. 

Denver mac and cheese review

Obligatory cheesy photo of me eating mac and cheese! For some reason, they gave me a comically large spoon to eat this with. 

mac and cheese lover

Where’s the best mac and cheese you’ve had in Denver? Comment below so I know where to try next! Click here for all my Denver mac and cheese reviews. And check out my About Me page to see what else I’m obsessed with!