Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! In our family, we always spend Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with my girlfriend, Morgan’s family. Christmas 2018 was a really fun one! That year, Morgan’s parents were in their new house so we got to decorate their new home for the first time! Their land also has a barn on it for Morgan’s mom’s horses. I made sure to get a nice portrait of each of the animals in residence, two dogs and three horses! Surprisingly the dogs were harder to photograph! The horses were very curious to see us and my big camera so they came right up to me for their close ups. The dogs were a little freaked out by all the people around for the holidays. Plus, they are fast! They hardly ever sit still long enough for a good photo. I guess I’ll try again this year!

This was also the first year we rented a car for the trip. That meant we were able to explore the area and wander around all the cute little towns in the Hudson Valley! The day after Christmas, we went out to explore some of the towns. When we realized that most of the stores and restaurants were still closed (duh!) we decided to turn it into a photo session instead! I got some great winter headshots of Morgan with all the Christmas decor in the backgrounds. I’m excited to explore the area more this year! I am even trying to schedule some Dance Warriors sessions for this year’s trip, so keep an eye out for those!

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