Dance Audition Headshots | Tera

Tera came to me for dance audition headshots because she was trying out to be a part of the Broncos dance team. She had been on dance teams for other Denver sports teams before. This was her big goal and the next step in her career. She was so prepared when she showed up for our session! Tera had her outfits all ready to go and had printed out poses she wanted to recreate. I set up a little studio for us to work in so we would have a clean, white backdrop and more controlled lighting. We recreated all the poses she wanted and got in a few more corporate headshots as well. Then, we headed outside for a few casual shots. We got to Millenium Bridge just as the sun started setting and all the city lights were turning on.

Tera’s Dance Audition Headshots

This was the last session I did before the lockdown in March. The pandemic had just gotten to the US and all we really knew is that we were supposed to wash our hands more. I had lots of hand sanitizer around but I also had three people (Tera, my assistant, and I) in a tiny room for an hour, with no masks. It makes me cringe to think about but we had no idea that was risky yet. Luckily, none of us got sick. A few days later, the event ban went into place and I closed my business until late May. Unfortunately, the shutdown also meant that Tera’s tryouts got canceled. I am still so glad we were able to get this last session in. Tera worked so hard toward her goal and even though the tryouts were canceled, she’ll always have these photos to mark her progress.

dance audition headshots

colorado cheerleading audition headshots

denver cheerleading audition headshots

cheerleading audition headshots

Colorado dance audition headshots

denver dance audition headshots

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