Dance School Company Photos

I took these dance school company photos on one of the few days I had off from working the election last fall. I was working long hours and long weeks so I basically shut my business down for a few weeks. Of course, I had to make room for these amazing dancers! Working an election was something I had wanted to do for a long time. With the pandemic (and subsequently empty event calendar) I finally jumped in. It turned out some of these dancers’ parents were working the election as well so we chatted for a while about our different roles and what we were excited and nervous about.

Park Hill Dance Academy | Dance School Company Photos

I was so excited about this session for so many reasons. With a year severely lacking in performances, I really cherished every opportunity I had to photograph performers. I also got to choose one of my favorite locations as the backdrop. This parking lot in RiNo has some of the most colorful, fun walls. It was perfect for these company photos. With outdoor gathering limits and mask requirements, we had to forgo the group photos this year. And of course, everyone had to wear their masks anytime they weren’t being photographed. I also gave them the option to be photographed with their masks on. And Park Hill Dance Academy just got their branded masks in so we did a couple of headshots to show them off.

I biked to and from this session too. That might not seem like anything significant but one of my goals for the year was to get comfortable biking in the streets so I could start biking to sessions. I finally met that goal by biking to this session, with my camera gear in the milk crate strapped to the back. It was great but I think I might have had helmet hair the whole session!

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