Front Porch Dance Sessions

When the lockdown first started almost exactly one year ago, I completely shut down my business. Events and performances had already shut down and I stopped doing portraits and even personal projects as well. Not long after, I started thinking of creative ways to start photographing dance again but still keep my subjects safe. In April, I did a virtual dance session with Karlyn Griswold over FaceTime. It was really cool to be able to photograph someone from far away but it wasn’t the quality or experience I was really looking for. So when Denver started lifting restrictions, I decided to plan some front porch dance sessions!

Front Porch Dance Sessions with Park Hill Dance Academy

I got in touch with Park Hill Dance Academy and planned two days of sessions with their dancers. It was so much fun to be able to do what I love again! And part of the profits from the sessions were donated to the Colorado Artist Relief Fund. The dancers loved being able to “perform” again on their own mini-stages/porches. Plus it was a great way to record this weird time in their lives where they were taking dance classes in their living rooms instead of dance studios. I also got to take portraits of dancers with their pets, which I was so happy about! One day, I want to do a whole series of dancers and pets of all kinds!

denver dance photos

at home dance pictures

denver dance portraits

at home dance portraits

I really love these portraits of dancers with their pets! I was so excited when the first dancer suggested it and then at each of the next houses, I asked if they had any pets so I could take more of these adorable photos.

front porch dance portraits

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