Choreographer Kat Gurley | Denver Outdoor Headshots

Kat Gurley is the Artistic Director of Wild Heart Dance, a dance company based in Boulder, Colorado. I first met when I photographed her show, The Beloved at Naropa University’s Performing Arts Center. More recently, I got to collaborate on a promotional session with them late last year. Kat was also selected to be a part of Presenting Denver’s In the Spotlight, so I had the chance to take a few Denver outdoor headshots for that.

Erika Weiss interviewed Kat and wrote a piece of her for Presenting Denver’s website. You can read the whole article here. I love getting to take these head shots because it usually means I get introduced to new people in the dance world. And when I get to photograph people I already know, like in this case, I get to learn more about them through their articles.


Choreographer Kat Gurley | Denver Outdoor Headshots

Kat is originally from Boston and has a varied background is dance and movement. She is trained in everything from ballet to martial arts and West African dance to yoga. She doesn’t just create dance performances, she makes movement masterpieces. The promo session we did was focused on the art of falling. It’s not often that you see dancers take risks like that and tap into the athleticism of dance in new ways. It’s so exciting to see such creativity in the local arts scene!

Another new thing I learned about Kat, is that she gets all her funding through crowd sourcing. Her work is funded as it’s being created rather than waiting for grants to start making new works. She relies on her patrons who are invested in her company and excited to see new works. I love that Colorado has cultivated an culture that appreciates art and invests in it!

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