Golden Headshot Photography | Whitney

Whitney and I met when she worked in Development at Opera Colorado. She has since gotten an amazing new job as the Executive Director at El Sistema Colorado! She needed new headshots to announce her role with the organization. Whitney lives in Golden so we did the session downtown. Golden headshot photography is a great option for a cute, urban vibe. The downtown area has so much to offer and can provide great backdrops for any brand or style. Even my own headshots were taken there!

Golden Headshot Photography | Whitney

This was my first regular headshot session after the pandemic started. Whitney was so great about navigating all safety things as I figured out the new normal for my headshot sessions. (Yes, I know. I hate that term too!) It worked out so well. Even though we were in public, we were away from passersby the whole time, and Whitney and I were able to keep our distance from each other. The whole experience felt really safe for both of us and the session went just as smoothly as in the before times!

golden headshots

golden headshot photographer

golden branding headshot photography

golden headshot photography

There was some random photoshopping I did for a few photos from this session. My car is in the back of one of the photos so I photoshopped out the windows and wheels to make it blend into the background. I don’t know why but somehow, because it was my car it really bothered me. Lol! In another photo, there was some weird text that was still readable even though it was out of focus (it said tattoo, by the way). The eye is naturally drawn to text so I wanted to make it unreadable so it wouldn’t be distracting. I just moved around the letters until it looked like gibberish. Oh, the weird things photographers do to make your headshots perfect! Now that I pointed it out, can you spot my car and the tattoo sign?

golden branding headshots

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