Denver Rebranding Headshots | Joya

I have been getting more and more return clients for branding headshots lately and Joya is one of them. I first photographed Joya in 2017 when she saw me speak at the Daring Divas networking group (now The Daring Feprenuer) in Boulder. Check out her first session with me from 2017 here! Since then, she has gone through quite a transformation! She has a new business, new branding, and even a new name. Isn’t Joya Powers the most incredible name you’ve ever heard of! With all these changes, it was time for some Denver rebranding headshots.

I had just reopened my business after the lockdown and I was still only offering front porch headshot sessions at the time. Good thing Joya had the most incredible house, surrounded by woods and mountains! We did the whole session on her deck and in her backyard. Doing the session at her home worked out really well for both of us. First of all, it was safer because we knew no one would be around while Joya had her mask off for photos. This spot had tons of variety for me to work with. When choosing locations, I always look for a variety of colors and textures as well as different structures (seating, railings, walls) to get a variety of poses. This had it all! For Joya, having the session at her home meant she was more comfortable and in her element.

Denver Rebranding Headshots | Joya

This amazing lady wrote me a wonderful review after our session. I wanted to share part of it to show her experience working with me. “Jamie has a talent for making me feel comfortable in front of the camera, not an easy thing to do! The result was photos where I look happy and absolutely myself, photos I will look at for years to come and be really proud of as truly reflecting who I was in that moment. That, to me, is the difference between a top-notch photographer versus someone who can take good pictures. I am grateful to have worked with Jamie and whole-heartedly recommend her!” These words mean so much to me. This is always my goal with branding headshots: to help my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera so they can show up in their photos!

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