Denver Studio Headshots

I usually market myself as an on-location branding headshot photographer but did you know that I also offer Denver studio headshots? I have a great space, right in downtown Denver that is wonderful for headshots. A lot of my clients want indoor headshots for a more professional and traditional look. This is also a great way to incorporate props like laptops or products you might sell. Natura light studio headshots are a great option for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Denver Studio Headshots

Denver studio headshots are also a great option when the weather isn’t so great. If you don’t want to deal with the cold, wind, or rain, this is the location for you! With Colorado weather being a bit unpredictable, I love having an indoor option for my portrait sessions. I also offer my space as a backup option for my clients, especially if their first choice location is nearby. That way, if the forecast doesn’t look too great or we have some unexpected weather, we can head inside. And if the weather does get better, we can always head back out as well.

My downtown Denver space has a casual office vibe with huge windows, a fireplace, a spiral staircase, and even a kitchen. This offers us a great variety of backgrounds and posing options so we can do a full session, all indoors. There is also a small rooftop deck where we can get some outdoor shots with city views. Plus, there are tons of great areas within a couple of blocks for amazing outdoor photos. I am just two blocks away from Millenium Bridge or Confluence Park. This gives my clients options to have headshots with a nature or urban background, in addition to the more traditional indoor portraits.

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