Opera Singer Leah | Denver Headshot Photography

Leah Podzimek took a really creative approach to her Denver headshot photography. She planned out three different looks, with different outfits, jewelry, hair, and makeup. Each look was based off a character from an opera, some of her favorite roles. It was amazing and totally genius! I recommend all my Denver opera singer and actor headshot clients do this too. When you’re presenting your portfolio for auditions, you want to show the different emotions and roles you can portray. You want to show that you are versatile and creative.

I knew Leah through Opera Colorado where she worked as an arts administrator. When she left that job to start on an exciting new career path, working for Boulder Symphony and Meow Wolf Denver (so cool!), she decided it was time to update her headshots. With her new job flexibility, she was able to attend opera intensive programs and audition more and she needed a new portfolio to do so. Before her session, Leah told me that she wanted to capture the many facets of her personality – joy, laughter, seriousness, intensity, etc, so that is what we set out to do. I wanted to show how creative, versatile, and passionate she is as an arts administrator and a singer.
We did her session in Lodo, which offered us a wide variety of backgrounds and locations. It was so much fun running around the city to all the different spots we had planned. We got a great mix of industrial, urban, and nature all within a few blocks of each other. I know all the great nooks and crannies in the area and I love taking my clients to them! We ended the session with some evening portraits, which was so much fun! I loved getting the chance to play with the city lights and Millenium Bridge was the perfect spot for it.
Looking for a relaxed, fun headshot experience, with a lot of character? Contact me at jamie@jamiekraus.com.


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  1. cheriebalan August 15, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Wow! Gorgeous shots. Really shows off her versatility.
    Take care, Cherie
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