Winter Headshots – Morgan

It’s my girlfriend’s birthday week! I wanted to celebrate her today by sharing her winter headshots on my blog. At the beginning of the year, Morgan and I were talking about getting her some new headshots, since we haven’t really taken any of her in a few years. I think the last time I took her headshot was with her phone, against the only blank white wall in our apartment, and that was just for her college ID photo! So it was definitely time for a real headshot session.

We started planning out her outfits and thinking about the best locations. We hadn’t quite settled on the best weekend to do it, and then, it started snowing. On one Sunday morning, we woke up and the snow was just coming down and looked so pretty. That’s when we realized we needed t scrap all the planning and just take advantage of the moment. She put on her nicest coat and a cute scarf, while I bundled up and got my camera ready. Then, we headed outside to take some impromptu winter headshots.

Winter Headshots – Morgan

Luckily, we didn’t have to go far! Morgan and I had already been talking about headshot locations, and she knew she wanted something urban and something in our neighborhood. The building across the street from us had just finished construction and they had a nice little outdoor area so we went there to start our session. They had a row of little evergreen trees, which paired with her red scarf, gave a fun Christmas feel to the photos. With all the snowflakes too, it was like the white Christmas she wishes for every year!

We took a few there and then went back to our apartment to warm up. That’s when we decided to just finish the rest of the session on our balcony. Our balcony has amazing views on a clear day but everything still looked so pretty with all the snow! One side of our building has a cool blue wall and the other side overlooks some train tracks. I made sure to get some headshots from both sides since blue is Morgan’s favorite color and she’s also pretty obsessed with trains. This spur of the moment session was so much fun and we didn’t have to go far at all. That’s the perk of living with a Denver headshot photographer, right!?

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