Artistic Headshots at MCA Denver – Myra

Myra and I met after ze moved to Colorado a few years ago. We had both graduated from the same school, Rochester Institute of Technology. We were both in the photography program but we were a few years apart so we never met. Xe reached out to me when xe first moved here to get the lay of the land and see how we could help each other in our careers. I started hiring xir as my photography assistant for headshot sessions and we eventually became friends as well as colleagues. Last year, xe reached out to me for artistic headshots to celebrate a milestone in xir life. I absolutely love it when people come to me to get portraits taken for themselves!

Myra’s Artistic Headshots at MCA Denver

This meant we could get a little more creative with these headshots and have some more fun with them. We decided to do the session on the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Myra comes to the museum all the time so it had special meaning to xir. I also have a membership so I can get us in for free. The rooftop has all sorts of fun architecture to play with and an angular succulent garden, which we both loved! It also has glass walkways where you can see down into the museum. It turned out Myra was afraid of heights though so we avoided those. Lol! I loved working with all the fun textures and angles. At the end of our session, the sun came out for some perfect golden light. After we wrapped up, Myra and I went to explore all the art exhibits. We made some art and the saw some art!

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denver mca portraits

denver artistic headshots

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