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Liz recently joined a new law firm and moved back to Denver from the mountains. She needed new Denver lawyer headshots for her and her new firm to use to announce the news! Since she used to work at the Colorado Supreme Court building we decided to do the session there as well as at the Byron White Courthouse a few blocks away. They are both such beautiful buildings and they worked wonderfully as backdrops for these portraits.

Denver Lawyer Headshots at the Courthouse

She prides herself on being good with people, good at building relationships, making connections, and influencing others to act. She cares deeply about social justice issues and appreciates those who do the same. It is so great to see that there are people out there working to make a positive impact through the legal system. This was another reason we wanted to have the session at the Colorado Supreme Court. This is the place where big changes happen and I just know Liz is going to have a part in some of those changes through her new job. Plus, we had t get some with “Liberty and Justice for All” in the background!

There were three things that Liz wanted to come through in her headshots: personable, fierce when needed, and intellectual. I love these descriptions. We had a few outfit changes with this session so we moved from formal to more casual, which helped give the portraits more versatility. Between that and posing, I think we were able to get Liz the headshots she needed. Liz’s husband joined us at the end of the session so I made sure to get a couple of photos of them together as well. I love getting the chance to throw in a couple’s or family portrait at the end of a session.

colorado supreme court headshots

denver courthouse headshot

denver supreme court headshots

denver lawyer headshot

denver courthouse headshots

denver lawyer headshots

denver attorney headshots

denver courthouse portraits

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