New Project! | Dance Warriors

I’ve launched an exciting new dance photography project. It’s an artistic response to political and social issues, in collaboration with dancers across the country. The project is called Dance Warriors!

In the last few years, like many people, I have become more tuned in to what is going on in our country and in our world. As I’ve become increasingly aware of political and social issues, I have strived to make change happen. However, I’ve also felt overwhelmed and helpless at times. It seemed that every day I would wake up to another tragedy and it was difficult to focus my efforts. What could I alone do to make an impact?

At the same time, I started to feel less creative and less motivated to make my art. I knew I needed to do something to respond to what was happening around me and dance photography had to be the medium. I began this project to shed light on political issues that affect all of us.

To start, I reached out to dancers who wanted their voices to be heard. In most cases, the dancer chooses an issue they feel passionately about. Each session highlights a different issue, expressed by the location and the dancer’s movements.

So far, I’ve photographed six dancers for six different social and environmental issues. And in three different cities too! Here’s a sneak peek at the Dance Warrior series to date. If you are a dancer who is interested in participating in Dance Warriors, please email me at with the issues you are most passionate about and a photo of yourself dancing.

denver dance photographer

Jessie Westbrook in Denver – Oil Industry

political dance photography project

Anna Rogovoy in New York City – Gentrification

dance warriors project

Kelleigh Harman in Chicago – Climate Change


Kelleigh on Climate Change

Anna on Gentrification

Jessie on the Oil Industry

Andrea on Holistic Health

Karlyn on Sexual Assault

Jenny on Mental Health

Michelledana on Waste

Sheila on Disability Justice

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